Cartridge Compatibility

So you like the look of our Executive Vape Pen but want to make sure it works with whatever cartridges you are vaping from. Smart! Our vape pens work with any 510 thread cartridge. What does that mean? Well, 510 cartridges look like this:

510 Cartridge Compatibility

This is the most common threading size found on any vape cartridge. That's not to say there aren't other thread sizes on other tank sizes aren't out there, but these are by far the most readily available.

If you are buying e-cigarette refillable cartridges, 510 threading is always among the first options. If you are buying cannabis cartridges, 510 thread might be the only size available. 

In any case, as long as your cartridge meets the above sizing it will fit comfortably and discreetly in the Executive Vape Pen.